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Blazing Stumps Motel & Suites


Need a place to stay whilst visiting White Box Rise?

Look no further, Blazing Stump Motel & Suites offers premium accommodation and facilities that will cater to a relaxing and enjoyable stay.

Located just a 5 minute drive from the White Box Rise estate and a 10 minute drive from Wodonga airport, Blazing Stump Motel & Suites is perfectly located for visitors to Wodonga.



Come on down to Maygar Ave at White Box Rise to see the brand new display homes by O’Neills Homes and 21st Century Homes.

Stunning designs, beautifully appointed these are just some of the outstanding properties on display at The Palms Display Centre.

Aldi comes to Whitebox Rise

Aldi comes to White Box Rise

White Box Rise is the chosen location for Aldi’s new store in Wodonga. The Aldi team have worked closely with councils, businesses and community groups to find the best location for their new store.

The Victoria Cross Parade location will provide jobs for 15 to 20 employees by the opening this year.

Local residents are delighted with the addition of the German giant to the already popular range of retail shops at White Box Plaza.

The Palms Display Village

Have you heard the news?

The Palms Display Centre is the only place to go for all the latest on new home design and innovation.

Check out what people are saying about The Palms Display Village

Home is where the heart is. At White box rise


And it seems that Panorama feels just like home for lots and lots of people.
We have been selling so fast that we have had to release a second stage.
Probably because it feels a little bit rural but is close to the heart of town.
Not to mention these flat lots are priced from $121,000 and sizes go up to 717m2²
There is lots more to Panorama but you need to come visit our display centre or check it out on the New Release page.

Anzac - At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them.

ANZAC Commemorating 100 years….

From the shores of Gallipoli to the valleys of Afghanistan
– in theatres of war and peace –
This Anzac Day, we commemorate 100 years of service and sacrifice by the men and women of the Australian Defence Force.

Free storage at White Box Rise

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Storage King selfstorage solutions are giving away 1 month’s free storage* and 15% off all packaging materials with every lot sold at White Box Rise. Take the hassle out of moving when you buy your block with a free offer from Australia’s largest self-storage company.

Ask Amanda to introduce you to the team at our local Storage King Storage King,
246 Victoria Cross Parade, Wodonga.

*Conditions apply on selected store sizes.

Wodonga has become Victoria's fastest growing regional town, according to new figures.

More than 37,000 people now call the city home, up more than 2% compared to 2012.

More than just landscaping at White Box Rise

So much more than just landscaping.

Take a drive around White Box Rise and you will see how much effort has gone into creating and designing our parks and gardens. It is not simply landscaping for the sake of it but a thoughtful, educational and respectful interpretation of urban planning specifically designed to instill visitors and residents with a sense of history, in honour of the selfless bravery and velour of our Australian service personnel.

Our latest installation continues the tribute to the ANZACs with further planting of mature date palms in the recently completed Kelliher extension and Rogers Avenues. These magnificent trees have long been recognised as a symbol of Australia’s activities in the Middle East over many years, and are a strong feature in countless military memorials around the country.

These palms also provide a dramatic, vertical accent to the streetscape of our newest release at White Box Rise ‘The Crescent’, which is set to become the home of the next White Box Rise Display Village.

Take a little time out and wander through our interconnected parklands to view the sculptures, read the stories and enjoy the extensive planting in this unique urban landscape. It is a journey worth taking.

Wartime ‘Tank Traps’ are now a playground feature for kids

The First World War Centenary is marked at White Box Rise by the completion of a ‘Tank Trap’ feature in the new playground for kids

Did you know that White Box Rise was once an army base and throughout the estate there are sculptures, stories and hidden military references designed into the every part of the landscaping and presentation.

The more obvious and moving salutes to our military heroes is Peace Park, where you can meander through the metal sculptures and read snapshots stories about the amazing acts of bravery undertaken by Victoria Cross Medal recipients. Even the streets bear the names of these very courageous men.

The entire estate is dotted with respectful annotations dedicated to our Australian military history. There are hidden treasures everywhere such as the path alignments that are modelled on tank movements or the steel bollards with twisted and folded form specially rusted to represent the military conflicts. There is ‘sprocket paving’ to reflect the drive sprockets of Centurion Tanks (post WWII) with ‘bolts’ and ‘sea bolts’ at path junctions and many references in metal in, and sail shading, to echo the wings of fighter aircraft - some sculptures even have real bullet holes.

The latest playground park feature has been completed at a time when the world is paying respect to the many fallen soldiers who lost their lives in WWI. The playground on Jacka Street has play and fitness equipment but also features Tank Traps as part of the mix. Similar to the ones shown in the image, these ‘Traps’ were used worldwide as a defense against armoured vehicles accessing coastlines – many are still in location on the Australian coastline. We now reference these ‘traps’ as part of the numerous children’s playground installments throughout the parks and reserves at White Box Rise.

Take a walk on the hike an bike trails to see if you can find some of the hidden treasures that were created to honour our proud military heritage but also provide visitors an opportunity to pause to think on the brave men and women but also consider the senselessness of war.


Original Tank Traps on Stockton Beach (NSW) Sand Dunes


The new playground overlooked by Parkview residents is just for fun.

white box rise news


WAVES White Box Rise has won Parks and Leisure Australia’s 2014 Leisure Facilities Award for the Victoria and Tasmania region. The award recognises innovative features of design, development and operation. WAVES area manager Andrew Mundy said it had been a successful first season with more than 80,000 visitors. “If you look at Wodonga’s population of 35,000 — that’s every man, woman and child using the facility at least twice on average,” Mundy said.